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In Kpop, the member of an idol group that is your favorite. A person may have one ultimate bias, and many other biases from other idol groups, or only have one ultimate bias. This term is derived from having a bias towards a particular person Who is your bias? I don't know that mean, so i ask her. what is mean? she answer to me Bias is your most favorite and top #1 favorite member in a kpop group. Read more . 0 Reply 05/30/18 ☙FruityPepur Author:smile: :smile: Thank You to everyone who participated in the definition of this word! Wheather you voted up an answer, made an answer, or simply watched this question. It really helps.

Most simply, having a bias means having a favorite member within a group. But in K-pop, the word is a bit more nuanced than that, and can mean different things to different people A bias is a person/s that makes you laugh no matter what. Part Two. Sorry for the corniness there..I was kinda going for the express your feelings as much as you can, kinda thing. I realized that biases are an inlet ant part to our fan lives. That's why I decided to ask this question, to hear YOUR take about your bias

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  1. Make a bias list. You can have more than one bias, just try to spread them out across different Kpop groups. Even though it may be frustrating when it comes to picking your ultimate bias (favorite idol out of all idols in all groups), it's totally okay to have more than one bias in a group. You could have a bias for all sorts of things
  2. Bias. If you tell someone you're a K-pop fan, be prepared to answer the inevitable question, Who's your bias? In a group, there may be anywhere between four and 13 members, but your bias.
  3. bias: Prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair. bias we kpop fans use this word for our favorite idol because we treat them differently then we treat the other members of the group
  4. Let's say you have a favorite band member, your bias. Then one of the other members does something that makes you rethink who your bias is. Therefore Bias wrecke
  5. Since the start of The Bias List in January 2016, I've always looked back at my three favorite title tracks by K-pop artists each month. Now, it's time to look even further into the past, one month at a time. And, yes, the top three rankings count toward The Bias List's personal artist scorecard! November Continue reading

Don't Freak Out When We Guess Your Blackpink Bias From Your Favorite K-Pop Songs. Do you wanna kick it with Jennie? by fancyffion. Community Contributor. BuzzFeed Quiz Party!. What Bias Means In The K-Pop Language. Source: kpopmap For business inquiries, issues or other contact, please email: huudat16@gmail.com Thank you! Mus.. Bias is a particular band member that you personally prefer for yourself or adore the most among all the members. But just imagine you see another band member and think for a while that maybe you should consider this person as your bias . You star.. BIAS - This term can be read or heard anywhere that there's a kpop fan. Bias is someone that a kpop fan really really like within the certain group. A fan can have different bias within different groups, but there will always be that number one bias that weight the most in a fan's heart. ex: My bias in EXO is Lay/Yixing. BIAS WRECKER - Since all the fans have their bias, a bias wrecker.

Bias steht für: . Bias (Elektronik), konstante Größe, die einem Nutzsignal überlagert wird Bias (Gattung), Vögel aus der Familie der Schnäpperwürger Bias, zusätzliches Neuron mit in einem neuronalen Netz, siehe Künstliches Nervenzelle #Bias; die systematische Über- oder Unterschätzung einer nicht erwartungstreuen Schätzfunktion, siehe Verzerrung einer Schätzfunktio Definition: Was ist ein Bias und wie entsteht es? Der Anglizismus Bias bedeutet auf Deutsch so viel wie Befangenheit, Neigung, Vorurteil.Dem Duden zufolge wird das Substantiv im Deutschen als Neutrum aufgefasst, also auch wenn es die Befangenheit oder die kognitive Verzerrung heißt, wird immer noch das Bias gesagt.. Der Begriff stammt aus der Meinungsforschung und bezeichnet eine Verzerrung In Kpop, the member of an idol group that is your favorite. A person may have one ultimate bias, and many other biases from other idol groups, or only have one ultimate bias. This term is derived. Bias definition, a particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling, or opinion, especially one that is preconceived or unreasoned: illegal bias against older job applicants;the magazine's bias toward art rather than photography;our strong bias in favor of the idea. See more

Browse through and take kpop bias quizzes. Hello stay or potential stay! Take this quiz if you'd like help in picking a bias or if your bored and want something to do Which BTS Member Is Your True Bias? ENTERTAINMENT 186.8K PLAYS By: Steven Miller. 6 Min Quiz Image: Hey Day About This Quiz. Ever since they came on the scene in 2013, the Bangtan Boys have been winning the hearts of fans from around the world. As with all boy bands, each member has a unique personality that makes him stand out from the rest. By the time we're done here, you'll know just which. Is it different than your *actual* bias? Jimin trying to sit down, kicking himself in the face and falling off the chai Das sind bisjetzt alle meine Bias,ich bin eigentlich noch relativ neu in kpop. Habe November 2017 angefangen Kpop zu hören. Bias in Girlgroups habe ich bisjetzt noch nicht da ich mich nocht nicht so mit Girlgroups so beschäftigt habe so wie mit den Boygroups bias translate: 편견, 편견을 갖게하다. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Korean Dictionary

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  1. Ich bin relativ neu in kpop, habe mich aber schon für einen Ultbias entschieden. Meine Freunde, die auch kpop hören, sehen ihren ultimate Bias als den perfekten boyfriend an. Ich finde meinen von der Art einfach nur sehr toll und niedlich, aber als den perfekten Freund würde ich ihn jetzt nicht bezeichnen
  2. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'Bias' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache
  3. bias définition, signification, ce qu'est bias: 1. the action of supporting or opposing a particular person or thing in an unfair way, because of. En savoir plus
  4. Lexikon Online ᐅBias: Verzerrung. 1. Inferenzstatistik: Differenz zwischen dem Erwartungswert einer Schätzfunktion und dem zu schätzenden Parameter. Wünschenswert ist ein Bias von Null; in diesem Fall liegt Erwartungstreue (Unverzerrtheit) vor. 2. In einem allgemeineren Sinn wird Bias in der Meinungsforschung un
  5. Bias wrecker est le terme désignant un bias qui change l'ordre de préférence dans une liste de bias. Il chamboule l'ordre pour se hisser à la première place, on peut le qualifier de coup de coeur. Wrecker signifie destructeur en anglais.1 (Littéralement, il détruit la liste
  6. También está Ultimate Bias, que normalmente se hace cuando conoces distintos grupos del Kpop y tienes varios bias, siendo este tu bias de entre tus bias. Normalmente una persona que tiene un ultimate bias es más difícil que lo cambie por alguien más. Ahora que ya sabes el significado de bias, puedes decir con muchísima confianza quién es el tuyo

Bias definition kpop. Bias in K-Pop is basically someone's most favorite member of an idol group. It is derived from the original way the word is used, to have a bias towards someone. So for example, if someone asks you Who is your bias?, they're basically asking who your favorite K-Pop idol is of all time Bias is your everything person (or thing). When he's around, nothing else exits. You can. A bias is someone who means a lot to you. You don't necessarily have to be attracted to them for any one reason, somehow you see them and something clicks and says. bias in Community Dictionary In Kpop, the person in an idol group that is your favorite. You might have one ultimate prejudice, and lots of other biases off their idol teams, or only have one ultimate prejudice. This term hails from having a bias towards somebody. by Bernadette Hummer Report definition that certain thing present in many terms defined within the urban dictionary. by Samuel. Bias: Das sind deine Lieblingsidols. Also im Prinzip ist mit diesem Begriff deine Lieblingsband und/oder dein Lieblingsstar gemeint. Ultimativer Bias: Damit ist dein absoluter Lieblings-Kpop-Star gemeint. Beispiel: Jemand mag Yoona (von SNSD) am liebsten von den gesamt existierenden K-Idols, dann ist Yoona der Bias. Und wenn derjenige mehrere sehr mag, aber trotzdem Yoona am meisten verehrt. I keep seeing that around but then when I looked for the meaning of it, it mostly showed the peoples choices of what their kpop bias.. i think that made sense. But anyways please tell me what it is (: Answer Save. 7 Answers. Relevance. Tiffa. Lv 6. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. An ultimate K-Pop bias is a K-Pop singer that someone loves everything about. Singing, acting, humor, etc. A bias is.

Where's your bias? Vote for your K-pop biases now and view international rankings and polls. Share Your K-Pop Biases. See Group Statistics. Check Idol Rankings. View Rankings. 1. V of BTS. 45008 votes 2: Jungkook of BTS. 18551 votes 3: Jimin of BTS. 15496 votes 4: RM of BTS. 12665 votes 5: J-Hope of BTS. 6355 votes 6: Jin of BTS. 5308 votes 7: Suga of BTS. 4960 votes 8: Felix of Stray Kids. Love & Friendship Music Ateez Kpop Bias Boyfriend. I knew V first. Idols use these terms to show respect to those who are older or higher status than them, and fans use them as well to refer to older idols. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. But in K-pop, the word is a bit more nuanced than that, and can mean different things to.

What does it mean to you? Discussion in 'K-POP' started by Bibblessss, Oct 10, 2020. Tags: bias; kpop; ult; Bibblessss Trainee. Joined: Oct 4, 2018 Messages: 480 Likes Received: 790 Currency. Bias is someone that a kpop fan really really like within the certain group. ( Log Out / Bias wreckers do exist, and they will do their best to mess up your entire list. My bias is Suga and my bias wrecker is rm, My bias is Minhyuk and my bias wrecker is Hyungwon!! The most prominent move in a song's choreography. BYUNTAE - In all honesty, it means PERVERT To elaborate more on what does bias mean we get an example of sexism. We have experienced honor killing in many parts of the world. Most of the victims were predominantly women. Most honor killing do occur when or because of the denial to enter into a set up marriage, keeping a kinship disapprove of, becoming rape victims or even homosexuality. Tribalism. Tribalism is a state of encouraging. Types of bias and how they affect your recruiting process. In recruitment, the following types of bias are all very common: Conformity Bias; Based on a famous study that's been around for decades, conformity bias relates to bias caused by group peer pressure. In the study, a group of people is asked to look at the picture above and say which line in Exhibit 2 matches the line in Exhibit 1.

What Is K-Pop? Guide To Fan Terms, From Aegyo To Bias

Do you love BTS as much as I do? Do you want to find out who your bias is? Here's the quiz for you. Have fun and hope you get your bias. Or if you don't have one then you can find out who it is! Just remember to have fun and enjoy. This is for entertainment purposes. Armies unite . 3 We love BANGTAN SONYEONDAN. Created by: JhopeIsMyHearte 61. Your top 5 pictures of your bias without make-up? 62. Put your ipod/phone songs on shuffle. The first song is the song you and your bias is going to get married to. 63. What's the first kpop related you see when you look to your left? 64. What would you do if you could have your bias for 1 month? 65. If your favorite group came on your door.

What is a bias? What does your bias mean to you ? K-Pop

Bias definition is - an inclination of temperament or outlook; especially : a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment : prejudice. How to use bias in a sentence. bias vs. biased Synonym Discussion of bias Compared to when I first started listening to Kpop, coverage in America and other countries has grown a lot. Now, I can be less afraid of saying that I like Kpop in fear of being made fun of. However, I think the coverage, especially in America, is somewhat bias. The American media tends to focus on what is currently trending. In 2012, it was Psy with Gangnam Style and now it is BTS

Definition of BIAS in Slang/Internet Slang. What does BIAS stand for? Printer friendly. Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools AcronymFinder.com. Abbreviation to define. Find. abbreviation; word in meaning; location; Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA,random Word(s) in meaning: chat global warming Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada: T5A 0A7. What does BIAS stand for? Your. Who is your non-bias kpop crush? [Discussion] What I mean is who is the idol or artist that you actually don't know much about and don't even follow the works they do, but when you see them on variety shows or singing your heart starts to flutter. Example: I have a BIG crush on SHINee Minho, like this boy is so charming and attractive. The way he looks, the way he speaks. I can't stop giggling.

How to Find Your Bias in a Group (Kpop): 5 Steps (with

I divide my bias list into what, i like to think, is a unique way of doing something 1. Bias 2. Bias Wrecker(s) 3. Child i want to protect / member that'd be my best Than comes everyone else equally~ because I love all my boisss This is my boy group ver. - girl group coming soon~ Enjoy trying to.. Many students get confused about bias - what it is and how to spot it in a piece of written work. This video can be easily made in to a full lesson - go to w..

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  1. Kaufe Kpop Bias Definition von thisismerch auf folgenden Produkten: T-Shirt, Classic T-Shirt, Vintage T-Shirt, Leichter Hoodie, Tailliertes Rundhals-Shirt, Tailliertes T-Shirt mit V-Ausschnitt, Loose Fit T-Shirt, T-Shirt Kleid, A-Linien.
  2. May 11, 2020 - Explore brenda mendoza's board Bias kpop on Pinterest. See more ideas about Kpop, Bangtan sonyeondan, Bias kpop
  3. Synonyms: bias, jaundice, prejudice These verbs mean to influence in a particular, often unfavorable way. To bias is to cause to incline toward or away from something or someone: claimed that the ruling was biased against low-income workers; was biased by experience in favor of stronger regulation. To jaundice is to predispose toward negativity or skepticism: Years of scandal have jaundiced.
  4. Bias Wrecker - KPOP News. Kpop News - Bias Wrecker. Mnet I-LAND Announces Its Boy Group Will Be Called ENHYPEN—Here's The Real Meaning Behind The Name. September 18, 2020 by KoreaBoo. Original Article from Koreaboo Seven lights that were shining alone discover each other and grow together. These are the words Mnet's I-LAND used to describe the seven trainees who will debut in.
  5. Wreckers- Donghyun n Woong Astro Bias- Sanha Wreckers- Moonbin n... watta.ever; Thread; Jul 8, 2020; Replies: 7; Forum: Random KPop Talk; your favorite outfit worn by your bias. Whats the best outfit your.
  6. ENHYPEN Members Profile and Facts: ENHYPEN Ideal Types: ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) is the final 7 members from the survival show I-LAND under BE:LIFT Lab, a joint label created by BigHit Entertainment and CJ E&M Entertainment. The group consists of: Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki. The group will officially debut in 2020

Q1. What is your favorite colour?, Q2. What do you use to clean your nose?, Q3. Which BTS member is your ideal type?. Quiz Questions: Q1. What is your favorite colour?, Q2. What do you use to clean you Meine Definition wäre Unterstützten,also die Musik hören (Neu und alt). Die Gruppe halt mögen : Namen lernen, Verfolgen, Videos und Lives schauen etc. Für mic Kpop Vocabulary. In Kpop there is a language that newbies don't understand when they first join, so here's a little guide to help you. Bias: You're favorite member in a band All-Kill: An all-kill is when a group's song or album simultaneously takes the top spot of all eight Korean music charts. Comeback: A K-pop group coming back with new music. It's the equivalent of saying a group is. Ultimate Bias Bias And Bias Wreckers Explained Army S Amino . Thread By Taeflights Stole This From Oomf I Haven T Done One Of . Bias Meaning And Pronunciation Youtube . Kpop Voca 13/mar/2019 - bias de todas as idades e grupos pq sou dessas. Veja mais ideias sobre Pentagon integrantes, Felix stray kids, Pentágono hongseok. Bias kpop Coleção de Kathlyn Kelly. 860 Pins • 8 seguidores. bias de todas as idades e grupos pq sou dessas. Seguir.

BTS’s Jimin Explains The Meaning Behind His Solo SongWayV’s Winwin Mentions Jungwoo, Giving NCTzens Hope About

Bias Wrecker - KPOP News. Kpop News - Bias Wrecker. TXT Yeonjun Receives Love For Breaking Gender Norms And Supporting Non-Binary. September 26, 2020 by KoreaBoo. Original Article from Koreaboo. When it comes to fashion, TXT's Yeonjun is known for looking his best and wearing pieces that accentuate his long legs. This time, he's receiving love from the meaning behind his latest fashion. Stan Loona Girlgroup Kpop Idol Medien Stans Fandom Meme T-Shirt Kpop Bias Merch Classic T-Shirt. Von danyneg. 25,70 $ Tags: kpop, bts, bangtan, jimin, vorspannen, typografie, logo, marmeladen . Jimin - BTS-Mitglied Logo Serie (weiß) Classic T-Shirt. Von Dandimator. 19,90 $ Tags: bts, bts rap monster, rap monster, rm, bts rm, rapmon, kim namjoon, bts namjoon, bts rapmon, dich selbst lieben. Aug 7, 2020 - have a bias list ? suffering over who the hell your true ult bias is? well you probably won't find an answer here, but at least we can all suffer together! | follow the board to join. | feel free to pin ANY kpop group you want and invite friends!~. See more ideas about Kpop, Kpop groups, Bangtan sonyeondan

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Seven BTS member: V, Jimin, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, RM and J-Hope. Which member are you? Take this quiz to see the result and share it with your friend A simple definition of what a bias wrecker is, a bias wrecker is someone in a group who makes you question whether your bias is your bias, because of their actions or if they start grabbing your attention as much as your bias does. Image detail for Bias And Bias Wreckers Part 1: BTS: Title: Bias And Bias Wreckers Part 1: BTS; Date: December 04. mean bias n — biais moyen m The definition of price stability did not specify an explicit lower bound for inflation rates, [...] reflecting uncertainty surrounding the size of a [...] potential measurement bias in the HICP and [...] its possible variation over time. ecb.europa.eu. ecb.europa.eu . La définition de la stabilité des prix n'indiquait aucun plancher explicite pour les taux.

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Definition of Bias Wrecker Adult Apparel. Crewneck Sweatshirt. Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Kpop T-Shirt. Where can I find other kpop designs? In addition to kpop designs, you can explore the marketplace for bts, k pop, and korean designs sold by independent artists. What material is this item made of? Cotton/Poly blend. The softest in the business and the perfect weight for a graphic tee Learn More. Posts about kpop bias written by kkoma. Thank you very Kamsa Your past,present,future and everything between Menu. Skip to content. Home; jeoyeyo (it's me) the first trace of me in kpop; tumblr; Tag Archives: kpop bias. 26 Sep 2013 [7-day kpop challenge] DAY 2: 1st kpop female bias. Posted in kpop, my kpop challenges by kkoma. PARK BOM. She is just so gorgeous and her voice is so powerful. I. Tag Archives: kpop bias OUR K-POP BIAS: KIM HEECHUL. 05 Friday Jun 2015. Posted by floralsprout in sasaengs next door ≈ Leave a comment. Tags. Kim heechul, kpop bias, sasaengs next door, super junior. Listing down only five of the countless unique traits of Hallyu star Kim Heechul is, indeed, a challenging thing to do. As some of you may already know and for the sake of those who do not. BIAS (originally known as Berkley Integrated Audio Software) was a privately held corporation based in Petaluma, California. It ceased all business operations as of June, 2012. History. Composer/software engineer Steve Berkley initially created Peak for editing the samples used in his musical compositions. Peak started out as a utility for transferring content ( samples) from a hardware.

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bias is now a verb VIXX debut as a Super Hero VIXX just debuted with Super Hero and I can already tell that this will be one of my favorite bands; I mean look how adorable N looks with his fluffy hair Idk really know much about the treasure members but if I had to pick a bias for now it'd be Haruto he's exactly my type #4 viperfish, Sep 23, 2020. itiswhatitisss likes this. Lisaaaaa A-List.

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80 votes, 257 comments. Most people on this subreddit just list their faves in their flairs, others have inside jokes. Basically I would like to LEFT BIAS These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may.

BTS’s “I PURPLE YOU” Message To ARMYs Will Make You Say “I

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⠀⠀⠀ hello + welcome to my k-spooky playlist! i love creating playlists, especially when the songs have a theme or match a certain vibe, so i knew i wanted to participate. the songs included are chosen from my initial listen, meaning just by listening to the song, i think it matches a spooky v.. May 11, 2020 - Explore mendozabl's board Bias kpop on Pinterest. See more ideas about Kpop, Bias kpop, Bangtan sonyeondan

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Hello, We are Dream With Your Bias! A new reaction and etc blog! This is a friendly kpop blog~ . We do requests like, REACTIONS (send in our ask box, anon or not) SHIPS (submit a picture or dm) DRABBLES (send in our ask box, anon or not) AU FICS; TEXT MESSAGE; SNAPS FROM YOUR BIAS; A will stand for Angst; meaning a mostly sad and emotionally outgoing fic. F will stand for Fluff; meaning. Kpop concept meanings . Some groups have a concept for themselves, and if there is some sort of meaning behind that, or maybe it's the group name that has a meaning, you can write about that. Sometimes what they call their fans have a meaning also. Bias page . List all the biases of the groups you stan, and talk about what makes them special to you. Add in pictures of them as well. + I hope. Do we have the same kpop bias?? Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Thank you for becoming a member Answer:Much like you have a bias, you may also have an ultimate bias. The ultimate bias is the king or queen of your bias list. The scope reaches out to the wh To play you will have to type your bias' name and it will come up with mine. Former members and disbanded groups are included. TIP: You can do write all if you can't pick a bias or None if you don't like any of them Please request quizzes to make in the comments

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Listen to the audio pronunciation of kpop bias on pronouncekiwi. Sign in to disable ALL ads. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. pronouncekiwi - How To Pronounce kpop bias. pronouncekiwi. Currently popular pronunciations. Have a fact about kpop bias ? Write it here to share it with the entire community. Add fact ! Have a definition for kpop bias ? Write. Bias wrecker meaning Bias and Bias Wrecker of Every BTS MV. DO WE HAVE THE SAME BIAS & BIAS WRECKER? BIAS WRECKERS! Main Bias VS. Bias wrecker in BTS MV's ; meet my BTS bias WRECKER [animation] What 'Bias' Means In The K-Pop Language; DO WE HAVE THE SAME BIAS WRECKER? | Kpop Groups; BTS - Try not to get biaswrecked; MY BIAS AND BIAS WRECKER (UPDATE 2018) | WHO'S YOURS? THE ULTIMATE BIAS.

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How do you choose your bias in a Kpop group? Started by SUPER_DUPER , Sep 12 2017 03:34 AM. Prev; Page 2 of 3 ; 1; 2; 3; Next; This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. 41 replies to this topic #21 TAE AMO TAE AMO. ʙʟᴜᴇ sɪᴅᴇ. Member 3,692 posts Posted 12 September 2017 - 04:01 AM. depends...usually visuals will get my attention first but once i. ye burnt rice - shawn wasabi. What is PUBLICATION BIAS? What does PUBLICATION BIAS mean? PUBLICATION BIAS meaning, definition & explanatio Bias is holding women back in the workplace. 50 Ways to Fight Bias is a new activity that highlights specific examples of bias against women at work, encourages solutions-oriented discussion, and offers research-backed recommendations for what to do. Pairing a card-based activity with a short video series, the program gives people the tools to address bias head-on In their latest photoshoot for KWave, they also made a striking resemblance to the Mean Girls: We tried to contact Red Velvet to snatch yet another interview from them, but SM Entertainment said they were too popular to be interviewed by a nugu magazine like us Nov 5, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by • m a r z i p a n •. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

From Athlete To Trans Woman, These 6 K-Drama Roles ProveSeventeen Members Profile (Updated!)Austrian Magazine Reports BTS Jungkook’s Tattoos Are The6 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To K-Pop

<p>The label's founder, Lee Sooman, served as one of the most key players in expanding the K-pop industry and spreading the Hallyu wave—a term used to describe the Korean pop-culture global takeover. In Korea there are four major music shows and two smaller ones where idols promote new songs by performing live. Stars pick a popular girl group song, get custom-made outfits, and learn. hashtagsudio's EXO12 Bias list~ We'll be always on dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'bias' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,. upcoming kpop debuts; highlight; exokairolemodel; QUIZZES. QUIZZES . QUIZ: Which NCT 127 Member's Ideal Type Are You The Closest To? Laure Apr 19, 2018 Updated : Mar 24, 2020 187,216 Views. 489 Comments . Inline Feedbacks. View all comments. Author. Kpopmap Staff. Sep 8, 2020 09:54 am If you are looking for more quizzes with all the NCT 127 members (including JungWoo), you can check this one.

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