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The indefatigable Ken Rockwell has turned his attention to the Leica Q2 and he is smitten. Never knowingly without a strong opinion, especially on the origin of a camera, Ken tells us that the Q2 is both immortal as well as practical and inexpensive, which is why it's so wildly popular I have been contemplating to buy Summilux 24/1.4, but after reading Rockwells article about this lens, I have started to think again. Below are a couple of Kens opinions, I am worried about. What are Your experiences of this lens? Be forewarned: on the M9, the 24/1.4 looks poor (by LEICA standard.. Leica SL2 w/ Summilux-M 1:1.4/35 ASPH. Another fact is: the market is crowded. Every major manufacturer has a full-frame mirrorless or other high-performance camera now, and everyone has presented.


Leica Summilux 35mm 1.4 - 11870 Z Das kleinste Objektiv der Welt mit Lichtstärke 1.4 für die professionelle Fotografie (lt. Ken Rockwell). Seriennummer 2547777 aus dem Jahr 1972, Made in Canada. Zweite Version. klassische-kameras.de Zustandsbeschreibung Schöner, sauberer und altersgerecht sehr guter Zustand mit nur leichten Gebrauchsspuren eines pflegsamen Umgangs und sorgsamen Gebrauchs. The Leica bug strikes again! This time, I needed a fast 50mm to complete my kit. There's a lot of choices for the M mount in regards to a 50mm focal length. However, really only one option for an f/1.4 aperture. That's the Summilux. A brand new Leica M Summilux retails for about $3,900. In my quest to find a good deal, I came across Lens Authority. I've heard about them before, but never. Leica M240 mit 50mm Summilux asph. bei f/2.4 1/60sec ISO 2500. Leica M9 mit 50mm Summilux asph. bei f/4.8 1/1000sec ISO 160. Leica M9 mit 50mm Summilux asph. bei f/5.6 1/500sec ISO 160. Flamenco, Leica M240 mit 50mm Summilux f/2.0 1/180 sec ISO 200. Kommentare sind geschlossen. Leica M10 Monochrom - Dünen, Sand und Wasser Black and white are the colors of Photography Robert Frank. Leica Summilux-M 1,4/35mm Asph., schwarz eloxiert Unbegrenzte Flexibilität. Das Summilux-M 1:1,4/35 mm ASPH. verbindet eine leichte Weitwinkelcharakteristik mit natürlich wirkenden Dimensionen und ist damit besonders vielseitig. Ob selektive Schärfe im Nahbereich, kontrastreiche Available-Light-Anwendungen oder Landschaftsaufnahmen mit immenser Tiefenschärfe - das Objektiv überzeugt in. Leica 21mm Summilux-M F1.4 ASPH Verdict: In the beginning of this review, I mentioned that after using the 21mm Summilux ASPH, I had both expected and surprising results. I expected (especially for the price) this lens to be well built and to produce excellent image quality, which are both true. However, this lens has actually exceeded both those expectations and not only is it one of the best.

Actually, I wanted a Summilux, but I thought it was too expensive. With the M9, I already took a step back in the ISO department, compared to my Canon 5D2. And the 50 Summicron made me take another step back, because I was used to the 50/1.2 from Canon. I think I was just getting used to the prices of Leica back then. If you see them everyday. Ken Rockwell and Leica Started Mar 11, 2010 | Discussions thread Forum: Parent: First: Previous : Next: Flat view more modern designs - including those from Nikon and Canon - are better. For example, the old 35/1.4 Summilux (the Mantler design from the mid 1960s) is great when stopped down below f/2.8, but wide open at f/1.4 it is close to awful, especially due to severe coma. On the other. I've tried a couple of Leica Summilux-M 75/1.4 lenses, but never boug.. Read More+ A new affordable Leica M. I've shot most of my weddings with the Leica M240 and it never let me.. Read More+ The Panasonic Lumix S 24-105/f4 lens is here. While the 'true' Leica photographer may already have frowned up.. Read More+ About; Gear reviews . Lenses; Camera bags; Other; Cameras; The Leica SL. The Leica Summilux-TL 35mm f/1.4 ASPH. ($2,395) delivers the performance you'd expect from a wide-angle Leica lens. Its character—marked by a sharp center that gets crisper when stopped down. Panasonic's Leica Summilux DG 25mm f1.4 is a high quality standard prime lens with an effective focal length of 50mm. It's the second Leica-branded lens from Panasonic for Micro Four Thirds, and like the 45mm f2.8 macro before it, Leica designs the optics and Panasonic manufactures it in Japan. The build quality and manual focusing ring are of a high standard and it delivers great quality.

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