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According to the Slovenian Industrial Property Act, patents are granted for any inventions, in all fields of technology, which are new, involve an inventive step and are susceptible of industrial application Following a recent restructuring, the former State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) was renamed to China National Intellectual Property Administration, abbreviated as CNIPA, on 28 August 2018

China patent machine translation system(CPMT) is open! A.Publication Number: B.Publication Date: C.Application Number: D.Application Dat Unterlagen zum Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) zwischen dem DPMA und dem CNIPA (frühere Benennung SIPO) - Forms concerning the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) between DPMA and CNIPA (former SIPO) Dok.-Nr. Titel Word PDF Datum; PPH 1007/5.19: Teilnahme am Pilotprojekt Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) zwischen dem DPMA und dem CNIPA: 21.05.19 : PPH 1024/4.19: Leitfaden zur Teilnahme am.

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China: SIPO has been renamed to CNIPA Leider ist diese Seite derzeit nicht in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. Unterlagen zum Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) zwischen dem DPMA und dem CNIPA (frühere Benennung SIPO ) - Forms concerning the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) between DPMA and CNIPA (former SIPO ) Dok. Wer in China die Fristen verpasst, hat zwei Möglichkeiten, vor dem chinesischen. Important Notice x. Notice On Modifying the Login Password of the System Personal Account. Mor Sipo, bot. Entandrophragma utile, wird üblicherweise auch als Sipo-Mahagoni oder Utile gehandelt. Die neue Nomenklatur nach DIN EN 13556 sieht jedoch nur noch den Namen Sipo vor. Große Nachfragen in den 60-er und 70-er Jahren leiteten regelmäßige Importe des Holzes von der Westküste Afrikas nach Europa ein

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General Introduction to the Third Revision of the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China and Its Implementing Regulations Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Amending the Patent Law of the People's Republic of Chin Sipo (Sipan Baran, geb. 1994) ist ein Rapper aus Oberhausen. Die Zahl 46 in seinem Namen bezieht sich daher auf die Oberhausener Postleitzahl, die ebenfalls mit 46 beginnt. E Regionale Patente via PCT (auf Englisch) Wiederherstellung des Prioritätsrechts (auf Englisch) Verzichte auf Vollmachten (auf Englisch) Einsicht in internationale vorläufige Prüfungsberichte nach Regel 94.1(c) (auf Englisch) Hinweise zur nationalen Sicherheit im Zusammenhang mit internationalen Anmeldunge

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Patent legal status. WIPO activities for improving worldwide availability, reliability and comparability of patent legal status data, e.g. to further develop patent legal status databases and widen the participation of countries in data sharing ACPAA - Locating Chinese patent agencies using agency codes (PDF, 1.3 MB) CNIPA - Legal status search in Chinese (PDF, 863 KB) CNIPA - Online file inspection in the CPQUERY database (PDF, 621 KB) CNIPA - Searching re-examination and invalidation decisions (PDF, 906 KB) CNIPA - Retrieving online gazette issues (PDF, 480 KB) PSS - Retrieving citation information (English interface) (PDF, 980 KB. Espacenet offers free access to more than 70 million patent documents worldwide, containing information about inventions and technical developments from 1836 to today 1.2 SIPO patent database 81 1.3 Other patent search tools 81 2. Procedure prior to searching 82 3. Search strategy 82 4. Use of search results from foreign patent offices 84 5. Search report part of examiner communication 85 Chapter D-IV. Substantive examination procedure 86 . 1. Start of substantive examination 86 2. Examination procedure in general 86 2.1 Purpose of the substantive. Korean Patent Abstracts. Korean Patent Abstracts; Patent; Design; Trademark; For detailed searches, please visit KIPRIS Web site. IP Examination. International Affairs. Bilateral & Mutilateral Cooperations; Patent Prosecution Highway; IP Training & Education. International IP Courses; IP e-Learning; IP & Development . WIPO Korea Funds-in-Trust; Appropriate Technology / AT Competition; One.


SIPO Kotnikova 6 SI-1000 Ljubljana T: +386 1 620 31 00 F: +386 1 620 31 11 (IP Rights) F: +386 1 620 31 10 (Head Office) E: sipo(at)uil-sipo.s Search and read the full text of patents from around the world with Google Patents, and find prior art in our index of non-patent literature

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  1. Questel new portal for patent, design, and legal professionals looking for a comprehensive coverage and powerful tool
  2. New guidelines: SIPO appears to loosen standards for Software patents. China's IP Office State -Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)- has released new guidelines that includes a lowering of the hurdles to patent a software. So far it is unclear if these changes will effect the Patent practice
  3. 日本語 简体中文 繁體中文. In April 2018, the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of the People's Republic of China issued the Brief Statistics of Design Patent 2017 (the Report).The Report summarizes China's design patent statistics in 2017, covering the numbers of applications, grants, patents-in-force, country distribution, industry distribution, and other data
  4. Gute Nachrichten aus dem Hause Aequus: das Patentamt der Volksrepublik China (State Intellectual Property Office/SIPO) hat dem kanadischen Biotechnologieuntern­ehmen ein chinesisches Patent auf.
  5. Patent Search Help on SIPO English Web Site. 1. Database Two databases are included: Invention and Utility Model. At least one database must be selected before searching, otherwise users will be prompted to select it. Users can select the database through the check box. Multi-selection is supported. 2. Entering Form 2.1 Publication Number This field supports post-wildcard search and logic.

• Database of over 100 million patents, 17 million Designs and 150 million NPL including: clinical trials, projects and scientific documents. • Enhanced data reliability powered through unique AI solutions: verified true patent ownership, correct legal status worldwide and translated full text data. • Data connected to litigation, opposition, licensing agreements and standards Si|po das; <aus dem Afrik.> rotbraunes, witterungsfestes, mittelschweres Holz eines westafrik. Zedrachgewächses, das als Rahmenholz u. Furnier verwendet wir SIPO patents matched to Chinese listed firms on the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Board and the Growth Enterprise Board (Second Board): under plan; Announcement. We are patching the SIPO - ASIE matching project with matched patents' application and publication numbers to facilitate the joint use of our database and other patent data sources. (posted 08/22/2019 by Yuchen Zhang). Our. SIPO GUIDELINES FOR PATENT SEARCH AND EXAMINATION ( FINAL VERSION - December 2007 ) December 2007 Text drafted and reviewed by EPO mandated members of the Drafting Committee: - Patrick Vermeesch, Consultant mandated by the European Patent Office, - Paul O'Sullivan, chemical expert, Examiner, European Patent Office, - Zsuzsanna Buzás-Nagy, SPC Expert, Deputy Head Pharmaceutical Section. Patent Knowledge Center 6 Patent Terms State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) 1 Basic Concepts 6 1.1 Patent and Patent System

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  1. Matching SIPO patents to Chinese listed firms (Main Board): completed The data in the files below are freely available to members of this community. Note: Suggested citation for the Matched Patents, Calculated Variables, and Corporate Trees data files below: He, Z.-L., Tong, T.W., Zhang, Y., & He, W. 2017. Constructing a Chinese patent database of listed firms in China: Descriptions.
  2. Matching SIPO patents to firms in the Annual Survey of Industrial Enterprises (ASIE) of China's National Bureau of Statistics: completed The data in the files below are freely available to members of this community. Note: Suggested citation for the three data files below:. He, Z.-L., Tong, T.W., Zhang, Y.
  3. Comments: This refers to the scenario where SIPO freezes its proceedings on a patent application or a patent when there is an ownership dispute before the court. Currently the freeze will last a fixed 6-month period, which may not match the time period needed by the court. The amendment will now peg the freeze to the time period specified by the court, which is more reasonable and operable.
  4. Welcome to China Patent & Trademark Office web site, the online Chinese patent & trademark resource. Top online China Patent and China Trademark searching are available on this web site. The instant results save your time and screen out any unavailable patent or trademarks before further investing. View More... Online trademark registration only 5 easy steps with 499 USD for one mark under one.
  5. istered treaties in protecting IP rights internationally
  6. What does SIPO stand for? List of 32 SIPO definitions. Top SIPO abbreviation meanings updated September 202

(3) Domestic applications for invention patent witnessed substantially faster growth over foreign ones, which increased by 30.8%, 20.4% higher than that of 10.4% hike of foreign applications. In 2006, 122,318 domestic applications for invention patent were filed with SIPO, which were 1.39 times over 88,172 foreign applications Tagged patent, patent fee reduction, patent quality, SIPO | Comments Off on Reduction of China's Patent Fees Increases Challenges For Patent Quality. Hong Kong will probably get independent patent, China's SIPO will teach HK how to examine. Posted on January 18, 2015 by Dr. Danny Friedmann. After some welcome words of Professor Michael Hor (photo middle), the relatively new Dean of the. SIPO is also steadily implementing the new Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC), with completion scheduled for 2015. This is also excellent news, considering the growing volume and importance of Chinese patent applications in the global patent system (by 2015, national applications are expected to reach an annual total of 1 million) Similarly, strong cooperation with SIPO gives us more opportunities to tackle modern developments affecting the patent system. The new agreement now includes areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Computer Implemented Inventions. It will provide a strong framework for working with a forward-thinking partner in order to understand fully the impact of such developments on the patent system. Patent applications with main classification in the following symbols of the International Patent Classification - IPC, including their respective lower hierarchical levels of classification, may participate in the Pilot Project BRPTO-SIPO. In any case, patent applications related to the technical field of drugs, understood as those.

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2 Main SIPO Patent Database or Patent Search Systems are introduced: the general purpose PSSS and the specialized China medicine patent database - CHMP, with.. The Standards in Public Office Commission is open from Monday to Friday, between 9.15am and 5.00pm. Enquire online or email us at sipo@sipo.ie SIPO's PPH partners: Since November 1st 2011, when the PPH Pilot Programme between SIPO and the Japan Patent Office (JPO) began, SIPO has put in place PPH agreements with the following 19 intellectual property offices China and Europe, SIPO and the EPO - two strategic partners in the patent field 05.12.2011. The latest yearly bilateral meeting between the Chinese Patent Office (SIPO) and the EPO, held in Chongqing (South West China) last week, was further testimony to the long and fruitful relationship our two offices have now enjoyed for many years

SIPO issued on March 1, a decision to amend its Patent Examination Guidelines, which will take effect on April 1, 2017. The amendments involve provisions about business method, software-related inventions, post-filing data, invalidation procedure, accessibility of patent documents and suspension procedure On 1st July 2018, the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot program between Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) and State Intellectual Property of the People's Republic of China (SIPO) has been launched. The pilot program in anticipated to commence for a period of two (2) years, ending on 30 June 2020. Applicants with application(s) which fulfills the requirements under the. Patent information and the PCT. When companies and inventors embark on the process of obtaining a patent for their inventions, they are required to describe in detail what it is they claim to have invented. This information serves as the basis on which patent examiners in national offices decide whether an application meets the criteria for patentability as set out in national patent laws (i.e. Beiträge über SIPO von chinabrand-redaktion. Das neue chinesische Amt für geistiges Eigentum (China National Intellectual Property Administration, CNIPA) und das Europäische Patentamt (European Patent Office, EPO) haben am 21 Currently, patentees may assert a patent infringement claim before the SIPO and the local Intellectual Property Offices (IPOs) (collectively, the Patent Administrative Agencies) as it is usually a speedier and more cost-effective alternative to a court proceeding. Amendments to China's patent law: Possible expansion of patent rights in China for U.S. companies . BANGALORE, India, April 27.

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However, according to the results from the State Intellectual Property Office's (SIPO) legal status announcement, the patent was terminated due to failure to pay annuity in August 2008. The mall was suspected of passing off the patent. The local IP office delivered the advanced notification of administrative punishment and informed the mall of its right to argue against the punishment if it. A high level five-member Chinese delegation of State Intellectual Property Rights Organization (SIPO) visited Pakistan from March 21-22, 2017 on the special invitation of Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) of Pakistan. The SIPO delegation was led by Dr. HE Zhimin, Deputy Commissioner, SIPO, the other members of the Delegation were Mr. Wei Baozhi, Director General, Patent Examination. Posts Tagged: sipo. Weak Chinese Patent Applications and China's Burgeoning Patent System . Bloomberg recently published an article providing data analysis on Chinese patent applications to. [Guide to your Patent & Utility Model search] 1 Click the Expand button to input & edit your search queries.; 2 To narrow down your results, use smart search and the query expansion function or search within results.; 3 Use the Sort feature to reorder your results.; 4 Refer to Help for difficult patent terms.; 5 Following services are restricted to KIPRIS members only : Save Search Formula, My.

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Patents, technology and development. One of the main functions of the patent system is to foster technological innovation by providing an incentive for research and development. The patent system also works to diseminate technical information and promote technology transfer La SIPO deklaras, ke Ĉinujo fariĝos lando kun pli alta nivelo en intelekta rajtproteko dum la proksima 20-jaroj. Ĉi-tio koncernus la kreiecon, la uzon, la protekton kaj la administrantaron de la intelekta/profesia rajtprotekto. Apud la amendo de la sistemo kaj kvalitklimakso, tio estas ambicii, estas ankaŭ previdas akrigi la publican konscion pre intelekta rajtprotekto. Akurata ĉi-tio. SIPO has recently announced the officially approved Administrative Measures for Prioritized Patent Examination 2017 (hereinafter refers to the Measures 2017), which comes into force from. The Patent Information Initiative for Medicines (Pat-INFORMED) provides a service to the global health community, particularly those involved in procurement of medicines, by facilitating easy access to medicine patent information.The data is provided directly by the biopharmaceutical companies and hosted by WIPO. Anyone can search the Pat-INFORMED database simply by entering a medicine's INN. Sipo — Patent Examiner See all employees Similar pages SEPO SEPO Sipo Sipo Information Services Lecce, LE Brocacef Brocacef.

Appeals against SIPO decisions If CNIPA rejects your application, you can appeal to the CNIPA Patent Reexamination Board (PRB). Requests for the invalidation of any granted patent are also filed with the PRB. There is no 'opposition period' in the Chinese patent system. Therefore, you can sue for the invalidation of a patent at any time after the grant. An appeal against the decision of.

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Experts from China provided an insight into patent granting practice at the Chinese Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), its departments, working methods and related electronic tools as well as well as an overview of patent protection and the opportunities for European applicants and the peculiarities they might encounter sipo patents. FAQ. Medical Information Search. Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment 2

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Suggest as a translation of Sipo-Mahagoni Copy; DeepL Translator Linguee. EN. Open menu. Translator. Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. Linguee. Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations. Blog Press Information. Linguee Apps . Linguee. What is SIPO? The State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia is the State administration body with responsibilities in the field of protection of intellectual property rights. The Office carries out procedures for granting industrial property rights (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications and designations of origin, topographies of semiconductor.

SIPO. Abkürzung für: Patent- und Markenamt der Republik Slowenien. Artikel als PDF speichern Clemens Pfitzer. Verfasst am: 27. März 2014. Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB | Königstr. 40 | 70173 Stuttgart. Impressum | Datenschutzerklärung | Glossar | Jetzt anrufen unter: +49 711 410 190 30 Kurz Pfitzer Wolf & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB | Königstr. 40 | 70173 Stuttgart. Wir. SIPO Croatia. The State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia is the State administration body with responsibilities in the field of protection of intellectual property rights. The Office carries out procedures for granting industrial property rights (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications and designations of origin, topographies of semiconductor. Certified patent document and certificate of patent register issued by SIPO; Patent document in Khmer, which can be filed within 6 months of the validation; The MIH only conducts the formality examination. If there is any deficiency in the request, the petitioner needs to make a rectification within 2 months. Otherwise, it can be registered in around 20 days. The MIH shall assign the patent. The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) has on January 20, 2012 officially kick-started the patent examination complaint platform in a bid to solicit public opinions about its patent examination work and improve quality of patent examination. Trial operation of the platform, started on July 22, 2011, has been going smoothly. Website of the platform is http: //scywts.sipo.gov.c

SIPO received more than 1.6 million patent applications in 2011, more than one-third of them invention patents, which carry the most stringent requirements for innovation, creation and practical use. More than 172,000 invention patents were granted, an increase of 27.4 percent over 2010. Innovation and IP protection in our country are still at the initial stage, Tian quoted Chinese Vice. JAPAN PATENT OFFICE. Japanese; Opinion Box; How to use JPO website; Access; Text size. Menu; Contents menu ; Home >Announcements >International topics > JPO-KIPO-SIPO Main content starts here. JPO-KIPO-SIPO. 1st JPO-CNIPA/TRIPO Trademark Experts Meetings Held; Comparative Study on Examination Practices among JPO, KIPO and SIPO; Comparative Study on Trial and Appeal Practices among JPO, KIPO. To standardize patent asset appraisal work, SIPO invited experts and scholars to carry out research on parameters for patent asset appraisal. Using research results, SIPO published guidelines on the use of the parameter system for patent asset appraisal, to be followed by all members of the patent asset appraisal profession. In order to assist enterprises and other organizations in their.

High-Quality, Global Patent Data Search across quality checked data from 106 countries (74 full text!) on one platform, updated daily. Legal status information is received directly from top patent offices around the world - including JPO, USPTO, DPMA, INPI, SIPO, OEPM, and other global patent data feeds patent attorneys. 2 224. employees. 25. electronic services. Public declaration of goals and objectives (RU) 100 best inventions of Russia (RU) Annual report of Rospatent; E-Applications leaders (RU) Last page update: 18.07.2018 12:39. All updates. Information service +7 (499) 240-6015 rospatent@rupto.ru. Consultations on general issues +7 (499) 240-5842 fips@rupto.ru. Citizen Communications. At SIPO, patent applications increased by 21 percent and the increase at the USPTO was 3 percent. Applications at the KIPO decreased by 2 percent, while at the EPO and the JPO the applications were stable with marginal decreases by 0.4 and 0.1 percent, respectively. Domestic and foreign applications both increased at the USPTO, while both categories decreased at the EPO and the KIPO. At the.

SIPO issued on March 1, a decision to amend its Patent Examination Guidelines, which will take effect on April 1, 2017. The amendments involve provisions about business method, software-related inventions, post-filing data, invalidation procedure, accessibility of patent documents and suspension procedure. The new Patent Examination Guidelines are summarized below: A notable amendment is the. The great interest generated in the media and among IP stakeholders confirmed that EPO-SIPO relations have brought meaningful benefits to users of the international patent system. It is little surprise: over three decades of hard work - driven by the vision of our predecessors in both offices - have delivered huge gains. Thanks to the efforts of the EPO and SIPO, Chinese and European.

The ABCs of China Design Patents | China Law BlogSIPO (China’s Patent Office) Taken Over by PatentNews Archive | Državni zavod za intelektualno vlasništvoChinese patent office receives over one million patentDrug Patents International: PatentsChina&#39;s IP JourneyPatent Procedure - wwwCNW | Dahua Recognized by the State Intellectual PropertyWorld Patent Report: A Statistical Review - 2008 edition

The Chinese government has outlined an ambitious plan to up its annual patent filings by 2015 to two million, and apply strict enforcement of intellectual property rights, according to a recent document published by the State Intellectual Property Office titled 'National Patent Development Strategy (2011 - 2020)' the SIPO does not possess the patent document, the applicant has to submit the patent document at the examiner's request. Non-patent literature must always be submitted. The translations of the references are unnecessary. (d) Claim correspondence table The applicant requesting PPH must submit a claim correspondence table, which indicates how all claims in the SIPO application sufficiently. Release of Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2020 [Last updated July 14, 2020] (External link) Press Releases Agreement Reached to Inaugurate ASEAN-Japan Patent Experts Meeting [Last updated July 9, 2020] (External link) Press Releases FY2020 Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign to be Held [Last updated July 1, 2020] (External link 2 Main SIPO Patent Database or Patent Search Systems are introduced: the general purpose PSSS and the specialized China medicine patent database - CHMP, with practical case studies

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