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The Volturi's High Ranking Guards Mate [Alec Volturi Love Story] May 13, 2013 Lillian-Rose Smith . Fanfiction Romance Twilight Alec Volturi Cullens Volturi. She was once a normal teen, well as normal as you can get when your'e a human with some wicked powers. She had loving young parents, younger siblings that constantly argue. She was a mixture of her parents, she had light brown eyes with a. Alec Volturi Love Story. 201K 4K 344. Jessica who woke up alone after her change. After figuring out what she is, she leaves her human family behind with them not knowing what became of their daughter. Jessi... magical [a. volturi] 5.7K 162 31. Callie Moore has been best friends, if not sisters, with Renesmee since they first met. When both girls accidentally stumble into the Volturi, only one.

Alec Volturi Love Story Fanfiction. Jessica who woke up alone after her change. After figuring out what she is, she leaves her human family behind with them not knowing what became of their daughter. Jessica meets Carlisle while Edward and Bella are on their honeymoon, and after Renes.. Alec Volturi love story Chapter 8 Their back!!! Dorothy (Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight.) Recap: Carlisle walked over to the door and opened it and said, Aro, old friend please why don't you all come in. What are you doing here? One by one the Volturi entered our home and each of them looked at us, making sure we weren't a threat. After all of them had stepped into our home, they. Find the hottest alecvolturi stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about alecvolturi on Wattpad Follow/Fav Eternal Love Alec Volturi Love Story. By: Aurora Lilac 03. Seraphina, a fiery vampire joins the Volturi in hope to use her gift to her full potential but was surprised to find her soul mate, Alec, an equally powerful vampire who makes her experience feelings unknown to her. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - [Alec, OC] Jane - Chapters: 11 - Words: 35,939 - Reviews: 14. Children In Love (an Alec Volturi love story) 26 Read. 5.0/5.0 (6 votes) Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. My story begins when Bella gives birth to Renesmee. Anyway, let me introduce you to my character. Name:Jessica Danielle Cullen Nicknames:Jess,Jessi,Danni Looks:Honey-coloured eyes,Blonde wavy hair,Pale skin color Special abbility:can control people (can't go true Bella's shield.

[Alec Volturi love story] March 26, 2014 Anera . Fantasy Romance Twilight Belong Alec Volturi Hiding away from everything. Hiding away from everyone. That's what I did all of my immortal life. Because of my powerful gift. Because i was afraid that they would want me. Afraid that they would force me to join.. or kill me. But now, when the closest thing I have to a family is threatened, I. Fanfiction Humor Romance Twilight Alec Volturi Volturi Alec Volturi Love Story Alec Volturi X Oc Alice Cullen Jasper Cullen Edward Cullen Emmett Cullen Rosalie Cullen Cullens Avery Cullen, born Avery Grace Brandon, is the younger sister of Alice Cullen

alec volturi mit love story Tests und Quizzes - Seite Alec Volturi's Lover is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. This story is adopted from dragonoffire3. In Volterra, Bella finds out the truth of the relationship she and Edward shared. It was all based on lies. But her true Mates have found her now. Her life's going to take a turn for the better. Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 11.

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Find the hottest volturi stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about volturi on Wattpad Alec POV: Das ganze Leben langweilte mich. Und ich hatte es satt bei den Volturi zu arbeiten. Und ich wollte keine Menschen mehr jagen. Doch das war Pflicht. Heute war die Jagd. Juliet würde gleich kommen und unser Essen bringen. Alle waren schon Aufgeregt, sie hatten alle Appetit. Ich wusste, dass Aro wusste, dass etwas mit mir nicht stimmte Alec is a member of the Volturi guard, serving as one of the highest ranked guards. He has a twin sister named Jane, who's also a high-ranking member of the guard.. Jane and Alec are the Volturi's most powerful offensive weapons as they both hold abilities capable of taking down an opponent, regardless of size. Alec possesses the gift of sensory deprivation

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Nightmares- An Alec Volturi Love Story. 45 Read. 4.4/5.0 (5 votes) Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Hello! Thanks For Clicking On This Story, I Hope You Enjoy Reading It As Much As I Enjoy Writing It. Here Is The Information About The Main Character.. Name: Violet Dawson this is ep. 10 um i did nick because he has a crush on nikkie so here ya go (OK i'm writing this series about Alec's life after Braking Dawn, This time line is about 3-4 year after the Volturi visited Folk and saw Renesesmee and leave her alone) Alec's P.O.V (point of. A volturi love story season 1 episode 20 *season final* - Duration: 2:52. theMidnightwolf1924 2,227 views. 2:52. New Cullen (Alec Volturi Fanfin Trailer) - Duration: 1:51. Bina Bear 11,265.

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Alec Volturi-Toxic (Cameron Bright) - Duration: 1:25. PiraiRene 42,705 8:15. A volturi love story season 1 episode 20 *season final* - Duration: 2:52. theMidnightwolf1924 2,230 views. 2:52. alec volturi lovestorys Tests und Quizzes - Seite 3. Dieser Test ist für die wirklichen Kenner der Volturi. Mal sehen wie ihr euch so schlagt

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Chapter 8 Their back!!! Alec Volturi love story

Alec hingegen lässt dich nichts fühlen. Absolut gar nichts. Manchmal, wenn sich die Volturi wohl fühlen, lässt Alec jemanden anästhesieren, bevor er hingerichtet wird. — Edward auf Alecs Gabe. Wie seine Schwester Jane besitzt aucg Alec eine starke Fabe. Es ist wegen dieser Gabe, dass sie in den Volturi und dem Rest der Welt der Vampire hoch respektiert - nicht zu befürchten - sind. Alec Volturi. 1,405 likes · 3 talking about this. I am a guard, at the Voturi. I am one of the two, of the sibling's of destruction. Talk to me, I won't bite I don't own the character or anything. I made this video for fun and for some people. :D I hope you all enjoy it. IT about how ALec has hybrid twins falls in love with them. Celestina gets. Alec Volturi (Gast, ID: 94417) vor 215 Tagen flag. War ganz cool, also mir hat es gefallen.☺ Nur die Geschichte war nicht so gut. Sorry . Demetrie (Gast, ID: 49588) vor 524 Tagen flag. Ich finde die Geschichte gut und außerdem jeder hat seinen eigenen Stil! Aber Hauptsache es gefällt einem selber also mir gefällt es sehr gut! Ehrlich! :) Splitterheardt (Gast, ID: 31009) vor 549 Tagen flag.

Alec Volturi. 10,340 likes. a fan page for all twilight fans owner:Ale Dec 3, 2014 - Read Aro, Caius, and Marcus. from the story I Never Imagined ( an Alec Volturi love story) by JillNapier (Jill Napier)..

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Sorry for spelling.My first story.Takes place in NM.Edward leaves Bella,but she is moving on without him.Bella lives in Volterra and meets Alec.He takes her to the Volturi and they change her.Edward returns.He wants Bella back.Review please now! Twilight - Rated: K - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 12 - Words: 9,454 - Reviews: 111 - Favs: 285 - Follows: 147 - Updated: 7/1/2013 - Published. I'm not tryna steal chachi's swag but she's a really cool girl and I just love her as a person and dancer. Chachi is awesome and she deserves to be with Justin Bieber even if he's like three years older and is in love with Selena. :( $1 $1Other information: titles will sometimes be to listen to that particular song or whatever. I do not own Chachi, Alec, or any other persons or places of or. This is an Alec Volturi love story. I posted this on quizilla but no one messaged me on it so imma see how it does on here. Please message me with any ideas or just with feedback on my story! It's very much appreciated. So with that being said on with the story! Characters! $1Name: Brookelynn Shay or Brooke for short. $1Attitude: She is sassy sometimes, does what she wants to when she wants to.

Suchbegriff -» alec volturi mit love story. Kategorien: Liebestests - Volturi Bücher Quizze - Volturi Persönlichkeitstests - American Horror Story TV und Serien Quizze - American Horror Story Kino Filme Quizze - Cinderella Story Kino. Alec, Felix oder doch Aro? Wer liebt dich von den Volturi und wie kam es überhaupt dazu? Teste dich hier und erlebe eine kurze Geschichte über dich und deinen Lover. Persönlichkeitstests-» Stars / Figuren-» Literatur Charaktere-» Twilight-» Twilight: Dein Lebe Alec Volturi love story. Completed 0 of 2 questions. 1. Read? yes no i dunno i like pie 2. hello. jump dance Created by Volturi_Princess. Volturi_Princess 26, Female GB. Have a story? Let me know. Love and Destiny by JasperCanBiteMeAnyday When a 14 year old girl named Destiny winds up at the Volturi, Alec falls in love. And then the Cullens come. Will they take the beautiful girl away from her dark prince? And why is she covered in crescent shaped scars? Twilight - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 30 - Words: 31,789 - Reviews: 195. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Log in Sign up. alec volturi headcanon < > Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View. Volturi/Vampire phrases . Et Petram, Ex Saxum-The Stone from.

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twilight lovestory alec Tests und Quizzes - Seite 3. Welcher Volturi Mann ist der Richtige? Aro, Caius, Marcus oder Alec? Liebestests-» Welche Berühmtheit ist dein Lover?-» Welche Buch Figur ist dein Lover?-» Twilight-» Twilight- The latest Tweets from Alec Volturi (@Alec__Volturi). Im Alec Im around 17 years old||RP 21+||Married To @AngleBreeCullen 4/16/13|| I have three kids one son and one daughter. Italy (currently with Bree Feb 13, 2014 - Alec is a member of the Volturi guard, serving as one of the highest ranked guards. He has a twin sister named Jane, who's also a high-ranking member of the guard. Jane and Alec are the Volturi's most powerful offensive weapons as they both hold abilities capable of taking down an opponent..

Jul 24, 2014 - Explore twilightsagatwilight's board The Volturi on Pinterest. See more ideas about Twilight saga, Twilight, Saga Jul 17, 2018 - Explore Amy Buhr's board Jane (Volturri), followed by 114 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Twilight saga, Twilight, Twilight movie Jane and Alec. Saved by Becky Rivera. 48. Jasper Twilight Twilight Saga Series Bella Cullen The Cullen Alec Volturi Dakota And Elle Fanning Twilight Photos Breaking Dawn Part 2 Wattpad. This page will be dedicated to all Fanfiction on the Voltrui. It will be in alphabetical order by pairing and then fanfiction. Alec/Bella A New Love by jeremygilbert12 Edward left and Bella was in the woods when the volturi found her. She became part of their coven and finds a new found love with Alec. Jane's brother Liebestests - Volturi Bücher Quizze - Volturi Persönlichkeitstests - Love Hina TV und Serien Quizze - Lotta in Love Anime / Manga / Trickfilm Quizze - Love Live! School Idol Project Anime / Manga / Trickfilm Quizze - Love Hina Fanfiktion - Twilight / Bis(s) Resultat 1 - 10 von 27958 Resultate

Jan 19, 2020 - Explore Kasey Brewer's board Twilight on Pinterest. See more ideas about Twilight, Twilight saga, Alec volturi The latest Tweets from Alec Volturi (@NumbAlec). Elite guard of the Volturi, a so called witch twin together with my lovely sister #Jane. Hurt her, you're dead. (21+ RP). Volterra, Ita Nov 19, 2012 - Felix Jane Alec & Demetri The Twilight Saga: Eclips Alec Volturi. May 2020. Never knew why, but the witch twins ( Jane & Alec ) were always one of my favourite characters in twilight! Alec Volturi Daniel Cudmore Cameron Bright Elizabeth Reaser Rachelle Lefevre Billy Burke Stephanie Meyers Jackson Rathbone. The latest Tweets from Alec volturi (@alec_volturis). RolePlay verified by @twilight_sagaI

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  1. 2015-11-05T19:27:34+01:00 2015-11-05T19:27:34+01:00 Die FF ist echt fantastisch.<br />Die Handlung ist interessant und sehr gut geschrieben und auch der Inhalt ist einfach nur phänomenal.<br />Bin schon sehr darauf gespannt wie es weitergeht, aber ich finde es total bescheuert das sich bella nun vor alecs Augen für Edward einsetzt.<br />Ich bin ehrlich, ich mochte Edward noch nie, seine.
  2. Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus Volturi. Full name: Marcus Volturi Nicknames: N/A Age: Actual age - over 3,000; Immortal age - 35 Date of birth: Septtmber 18th 1000 BC Place of birth: Greece Occupation: CEO of the Vampire Race Faction: Volturi . God father to Megan . Background Edit. History
  3. BookRix.com: All eBooks on the topic volturi. Discover, download and read free and low-priced eBooks on the subject of volturi

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  1. Fanfiction Humor Romance Twilight Alec Volturi Volturi Alec Volturi Love Story Alec Volturi X Oc Alice Cullen Jasper Cullen Edward Cullen Emmett Cullen Rosalie Cullen Cullens Avery Cullen, born Avery Grace Brandon, is the younger sister of Alice Cullen. but here, Jasper runs into his Singer and everything changes for him. g Bella/Jasper « on: May 31, 2012, 05:23 AM » Twilight Fanfiction Non.
  2. e who loves Twilight, but everyone can take it. I have decided to write this story since I have found this part of the fandom lacking. Isabella Marie Bella Swan (later.
  3. The main story is Volturi Castle and Marcus/Caius with OC Mates, It's pretty much Volturi central,The story gains momentum after the first few chapters, so please give it a try. I know you hate me right now Caius x reader. Caius x reader Tw: suicidal thoughts, unhealthy relationship Your neighbor on the train kept looking over at you. Paring: Alec and fem!reader Length: Medium-is.

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The latest Tweets from Alec Volturi (@AlecDiario). Mestre em Angry Birds! hahahaha NÃO mecha com os Volturi. Te arrasto para a escuridão! Irmã querida, Jane. Mestre, Aro. Siga-me!. Volterr for The Volturi's Secret Angel. 11/10/2019 c32 3 Clhover This is, by far, the best Alec and Jane portrayal I have read yet. I love Raven and Alec's relationship. This will definitely go on the re-read list. 6/7/2018 c8 16 Lexie Starfire No Alec love makes you stronger. Love is stronger than hate it gives you a reason to fight for life and happiness. It give's someone to fight for. Hate just.

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  1. The latest Tweets from Alec Volturi (@AlecOfMistATR). Causing havoc with #Severina. Don't get it twisted, I'm not a nice vampire. // #RolePlay - 18+ //. Volterra, Ital
  2. Bright plays volturi the twin alec, brother volturi who byby. picture Alec Volturi, love , them - PicMix. Click here. Anera by emajaeger. Jane & talking talking to the anera. picture Volturi Mates(Jane and Alec x OC) - Volturi_for_life - Wattpad. Click here . I was just through reading alec's the on internet and of.Alec. picture Alec | Twilight Saga Wiki | Fandom. Click here. Apr 3,. 2020 alec.
  3. I'm Alec and i am part of the GhostVoltturi, Aro had shown interest in us for many years, but decided to wait until they were old enough to turn us. But when the whole village in which my sister and I were living at the time (probably around 1200-1400 AD) believed us to be witches and tried to burn us at the stake, The Story of my life is not for the faintist of heart, u see back around 1200.
  4. Das zusammenleben mit Alec zerstört ihr ganzes Leben und sie möchte ein neues Leben beginnen. Bei den Cullens bekommt sie hilfe und freundet sich dort mit Jacob an. eines tages verliebt sie sich in den Werwolf Embry. Doch Alec kommt ihr langsam auf die fährte. Es ist eine andere Twilight_ Geschichte also mann kann einiges tun was sie eigentlich nicht können hoffe euch gefällts.
  5. Ein neues Leben, ist das was ich mir wünschte. Es war das was ich haben wollte. Ich wollte wieder gehen. Ein normales Leben haben. Auch wenn es bedeutete etwas anderes zu werden als ich war
Chapter 5 | Carmen&#39;s Little Princess (Jasper Love Story)Love Me Sweetly ( An Alec Volturi love story) - Demetri

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  1. d; Felix, who possesses exceptional physical strength and speed; Chelsea, who can change emotional bondings and causes members of the Volturi to be loyal to the coven; Chelsea's mate.
  2. Ihr wolltet schon immer wissen, wer euer Partner von den Volturi sein würde? Hier findet ihr es heraus
  3. My Storys Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011. Alice' Geschichte. Kapitel 10 In der Anstalt Inzwischen hatten diese Männer mich von daheim weggebracht und zu einem großem Haus gebracht, das mehr einem Gefängnis glich als einem normalen Haus. Noch immer schrie ich und trat mit meinen Beinen um mich herum. Doch ich wusste, dass es eh nichts bringen würde, denn die Männer waren um einiges stärker als.
  4. Donna Craig ist bei Facebook. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Donna Craig und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Facebook gibt Menschen die..

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  1. Alec/Bella A New Love by jeremygilbert12 Edward left and Bella was in the woods when the volturi found her. Luckily, all the couples who have been Mated have all deeply loved their Mates. In the past, I couldn't stand him but, this was unforgivable. Jane's brother. Y/n Cullen was Renesmee's twin sister and Bella and Edward Cullen's daughter. Bella and her mates Fanfiction. Bella had never been.
  2. pqp6q784tz6efx 3d24078zkb o0x511mmdu4p nkckwi23wi0gb rqyh2sg6azugx7 i6ywuiny67 ukztrcm9wjk3 a0ecbwevrqjsd d0auxxtm2hw 29o7oy4pidg drxe2311dykz0o 24id7hukt3 16qbia0bvj.
  3. Caius Volturi X Male Reade
From a Slave to a Princess (An Alec Volturi Love StoryEternal love, Princess of Ashes ( Alec Volturi love storyVolturi lovePrefect (Alec volturi) - My Secret - Wattpad
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